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Like all the other API priorities, education is an area that needs a great deal of attention, but will also require critical analysis regarding how and where APIs make sense.

I'm the biggest fan of APIs, but when it comes to what is most important for our kids, we have to step back, and make sure we are doing what is best for everyone involved, while also taking privacy and security into consideration.

The biggest reason I do these projects for API Evangelist is so that I can start developing a greater understanding of what is going on in the education space, and start documenting my research for others--much like I did with API Evangelist in the early days.

The logical place to start with education is to identify the best APIs that are available, while also aggregating news and analysis, in hopes of creating a single place to research APIs and data portability in education.


The API Briefing: Back to School – U.S. Department of Education APIs

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As the new school season approaches, it is a good time to see what federal datasets are available for educational app developers.Visit the developers’ page at to find 36 educational datasets for educational levels.The datasets can be accessed in CSV, JSON, XML, and API formats.What is especially helpful is a PDF document that explains the data and the methodology behind the data collection. more.

Known for Education: a personal learning environment for the connected student.

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Known for Education: a personal learning environment for the connected student. Known for Education: a personal learning environment for the connected student. Known + education = education ultimate I am in love with #known kidOYO liked this post more.

Were Excited To Offer A New Open Source Personal Learning Environment Solution For Education Httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvw50wk9kvuee Elearning Edtech

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Were excited to offer a new open source personal learning environment solution for education. #elearning #edtech more.

Connected Courses

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It’s been a long while since I posted on the bavablog, but I have a few good reasons as to why.I’ll be blogging about each of them over the next week or so (I’m back in the blog game!), but let me start with the first reason of many: Connected Courses.The official announcement will be coming will becoming next week, but I have been promising Howard Rheingold, my co-conspirator in this experiment, a post trying to explain what the hell Connected Courses is for some time now.I have failed at my charge thus far, but he’s a hippie so hope springs eternal for him :) more.

Before Data, Before Privacy… Start With The Questions

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There has been a great deal of discussion lately about the need to secure student data and protect student privacy.I won’t rehash the recent history and seemingly countless articles and blog posts on the subject and instead will simply state that we at LearnSprout support the proposed Markey-Hatch legislation and stand firm with our position that students’ personally identifiable information (PII) should not be available to anyone beyond the local education agency (LEA) level, whether it be a small charter school or very large public school district.We’ve worked hard to make our Privacy Policy the strongest in education and more.